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Without conflicts of interest to influence our recommendations, you can be confident the advice we deliver is always reliable. Receive personalized advice to help you make smart financial decisions. Click the images below to learn more about our team of fee-only advisors.

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A Simple Approach That Guides Client Engagement: Listen Hard, Talk Straight


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Exchange Capital Management is an investment advisory firm comprised of experienced professionals whose primary responsibility is the safe and successful stewardship of each client's interests. As trusted advisors, we encourage responsible and sustainable savings and distribution plans as well as appropriate controls to implement estate planning objectives.

Exchange Capital Management builds customized financial plans based on portfolios consisting of individual stock and bond positions rather than mutual funds, whose management is outsourced -- with additional fees charged. We do our own research, and we make ourselves accessible to our clients, and directly accountable for the day-to-day investment decisions we make on their behalf.

If you’ve ever suspected the so-called “answer” to your financial objectives was predetermined long before you ever walked into an advisor’s office…relax. We’re more interested in learning about what’s on your mind than what’s in your wallet.

As independent fee-only financial advisors, we are never compensated by sales commissions or product placement. Consequently, our professional team is motivated to let you tell your story in your own words before offering our thoughts on a customized financial planning strategy based on your unique circumstances. Without conflicts of interest to unduly influence our recommendations, you can be confident the advice we deliver is always reliable.

Loyalty. Prudence. Objectivity. These are the requirements that legally define the fiduciary standard of care. But at Exchange Capital Management, it’s only a start. For us, your peace of mind is our measure of care. 

The way to investment success frequently has many complex options. Who is helping you find a clear path? How about a reliable guide, an independent, boutique firm of wealth managers whose only loyalty is to you?

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