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Logical Investment Solutions

Financial markets are efficient; human nature is not. We manage your assets to help take the emotion out of investing and keep you on track to reach your goals.

How We Invest

Control the known

We keep trading costs low and are always looking for tax-efficient investment opportunities. 

Admit the Unknown

Crystal balls don't exist and even the best investors are less than perfect. We believe it's more important to have a long-term outlook than to pick the perfect stock over the next quarterly cycle.

Avoid Behavioral Traps

Emotions can easily disrupt investment success. We let your financial plan drive the asset allocation, not the hopes and fears of the market. 


Minimum Account Size


Founding Year

$650M +

Total Assets Under Management

Governance and Internal Controls 

Our internal Investment Committee meets quarterly to discuss portfolio construction, investment approach, and asset allocation opportunities. We use individual stocks and bonds as well as ETFs to prioritize low-cost, tax-efficient investment strategies that meet each client's unique needs. As a client of Exchange Capital Management, you have direct access to the people who make decisions about your money, should you wish to deepen your understanding of the chosen investments.

Meet Your Team

Investing in a Volatile Market
Lorrie and Michelle

An Integrated Management Fee 

Our Cost of Service

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