Financial Planning

Financial Planning

The comprehensive financial plan we’ll develop together is based on quantifying your unique strengths and weaknesses, identifying potential gaps between your current state and your preferred future, and then devising an actionable plan to responsibly achieve your goals.

Our financial services include, but are not limited to:

  • Retirement planning
  • Asset protection
  • Stock options
  • Investment management
  • Taxes
  • Business succession
  • Estate planning
  • Aging in place, and more

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Investment Counsel 

Exchange Capital Management works closely with you to draft a thoughtful investment policy tailored around your current circumstances and primed to deliver a phased-in set of plans that will carefully build your portfolio and guide you toward your financial goals.

Exchange Capital Management’s rigorous and proven investment approach includes:

  • Identifying profitable industries, developing technologies, demographic and governmental policy shifts, and economic trends
  • Searching for companies with proven leaders and innovative management teams, favorable growth outlooks, powerful sales and earnings potential, and positive price momentum
  • Employing the discipline to sell or eliminate positions based on dramatic appreciation, deteriorating fundamentals, or poor relative price performance

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Investment Counsel
Retirement Income

Retirement Income

Exchange Capital Management will determine your investment profile by reviewing your investment goals and risk tolerance, while also taking into consideration your age, ongoing income needs, and any earning potential. In general, we believe that a sound and positive strategy for long-term investing should balance growth while limiting volatility.

We address a wide array of struggles and topics surrounding retirement planning and preservation. Our professional team of financial planners help guide our clients in the following: 

  • When to take Social Security
  • Creating a steady income to last through retirement
  • Preserving lifestyle in retirement
  • Charitable gifting to specific organizations
  • Leaving a legacy for children and grandchildren
  • Any unique, complex, or elaborate financial difficulty that may affect your personal retirement savings

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