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Mike Reid, CFA

Michael Reid, CFA

President | Chief Executive Officer


From the very start, I was lucky enough to find myself employed in the Detroit, Michigan office of Kidder, Peabody & Co., working in an industry I loved, and surrounded by some incredible people who graciously served as mentors. 

As life changing as the decision to launch a wealth management firm turned out to be, it pales in comparison to finding the love of my life, Janet, and raising a family of three daughters, one son, and one slightly porky black lab here in Ann Arbor.

When not working, I'm a dedicated (though admittedly subprime) amateur hockey player. To get away and recharge, I'll spend a week or more at a time backpacking somewhere out in the wilderness. Sections along the John Muir Trail in California’s High Sierras, the Appalachian Trail, Yellowstone, or anywhere that’s at least a two-day hike beyond the range of reliable cell phone service are all personal favorites.

Lately, I’ve also taken up backyard beekeeping. Suffice to say if anyone’s scoring my efforts based on a ratio of bee stings to quarts of honey, the bees are ahead on points. By a lot. 


  • When not working directly with clients, I direct the firm's strategic initiatives and ensure my colleagues have all the tools, training, and resources necessary to delight clients.
  • I also serve as Exchange Capital's Chief Compliance Officer and supervise all aspects of the firm's regulatory affairs with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.


  • University of Michigan
    1982 - Ann Arbor, MI
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