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Danny Smith
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Danny Smith

Digital Marketing Specialist


As a marketer, I spend my days conjuring creative ways to proclaim the greatness of the team here at Exchange Capital Management. However, as a MSU alum, I’m a man in “enemy territory.” I am always on guard, awaiting the next time I will have to swear allegiance to the Spartan nation, warding off any opportunistic Wolverines hoping for an easy kill. The 2019 football season certainly hasn’t built the defensive wall I was hoping for, but there’s always basketball season.

When not contemplating the life choices that have brought me to the block M Mecca, I relish in the little things. You can find me enjoying a long walk on the beach or tickling the ivories at the nearest piano. Provided that piano is one of those player pianos that plays itself. I can’t play the piano.

On a more serious note, I spend my free time acting, singing, and spending time with close friends, more often than not, losing the latest board games. I am very happy to be a part of the ECM team, and for the opportunity to put my creativity to good use.


  • Supports the business development efforts of Lead Advisors
  • Develops content and marketing materials 
  • Directs advertising initiatives including social media campaigns
  • Manages website


  • Michigan State University
    BS - Advertising Management
    Minor - Entrepreneurship