Navigating your client portal dashboard:

  • Use the drop-down menu above the tiles to find data for specific accounts.   
  • Blue dashboard tiles in row one report on current day market values and changes.
  • Green and gray tiles in rows two and three default to data specific to current quarter. To drill down, click the arrow in the upper right hand corner of each tile.
  • Directly beneath the tiles are separate "report tabs". Navigating through these visual reports will provide further insight into your portfolio's performance and holdings.

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Wealthy_STreet copped


As a way to better serve our clients, Exchange Capital Management has recently launched a powerful new digital financial planning tool, WealthyStreet™. Features include: 

  • Account aggregation with up-to-date balances 
  • Spending tracking and budgeting tools 
  • Secure document storage 
  • Financial statements and reporting

Are you a current client who has yet to activate this feature? Contact us today to get started.

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Not a Current Client But Interested In Using Our Tools?


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