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For 25 years, we have dependably counseled business owners and entrepreneurs on their personal and corproate financial matters.


Our roots in the academic community run deep. After all, we live in a corridor anchored by four major research universities that all enjoy global reputations for excellence.


Emerging Affluent

For young adults at a point of rapid asset accumulation, taking the right first steps to establish sound savings habits is essential.

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At Exchange Capital, our most important investment is in you. 

At Exchange Capital Management, we approach every engagement with humility and a deep sense of responsibility. We are asked to untagle complex financial knots involving spending habits and compensation; job change and conflict; struggles with parents and issues with children; taxation issues; and retirement options. We'll ask you difficult questions. We'll hold your answers close. And we'll build an authentic relationship based upon mutual trust and respect. 

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Financial Planning

At Exchange Capital Management, we  appreciate a diversity of special client needs and recognize that life is rarely a predictable journey. We work with you to tackle the wide array of life's unique financial situations and integrate them into a personalized financial plan.  

Retirement Income

Perhaps you're approaching retirement and want to ensure you're as prepared as possible. Or perhaps you're already retired and looking to preserve your current retirement and lifestyle. Whatever the circumstance,  we've got you covered.

Investment Counsel

Our job is to manage investment risk and earn sustainable returns on your capital. By understanding your goals and objectives and overlaying our proven approach to investing, we enhance your financial security and generate lifelong, meaningful resuts. 

Approximately 80% of investors carry more risk in their portfolio than they realize.  Take this short quiz to find out if you're one of them.