For over 25 years we have dependably counseled business owners and entrepreneurs on their personal and corporate financial matters.

Using our experience and knowledge concerning qualified and non-qualified stock option plans, required minimum holdings, trading blackouts, and other elements commonly part of an executive compensation plan, we serve high achieving executives and entrepreneurs who recognize the importance of a well-developed, personalized financial plan.

Our goal is to help you free up the one currency that can never be replaced: Your time.


Our roots in the academic community run deep.

After all, we live in a corridor anchored by four major research universities that all enjoy global reputations for excellence. Competing demands to publish academic research in your field of study, taking on a departmental workload, adequately preparing for the classroom, and still leave space for a personal life – they all conspire to crowd out sufficient time for essential financial planning. With traditionally rich benefit packages getting squeezed tighter year by year, the need to study long-range planning choices is elevated. 

Whether your nest egg is housed with your current or a trailing academic institution, we know how to navigate the complexities of employer sponsored benefit plans and coordinate those choices with your outside interests like consulting or private practice.

Emerging Affluent 

Financial well-being can mean different things to people at different times in their lives.

We understand that your needs, your lifestyle, and your sense of social values are likely not the same as your parents' generation. We get it – that’s precisely why everyone on our team doesn’t have gray hair. For young adults at a point of rapid asset accumulation, taking the right first steps to establish sound savings habits, developing a debt reduction plan for tackling outstanding student loans, or beginning to save for a newborn’s college education frequently are the concerns that get a conversation started.

Sound like you? Let's start a conversation!