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Olivia Stacey, CFA
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Olivia Stacey, CFA

Investment Advisor


After studying Mathematics at MSU and a brief identity crisis about what to do with myself following (what do math majors do for a living??), I began my track at Exchange Capital in the Trader role. After a few years, I made my way to Portfolio Manager where I had the privilege of being mentored by our own Andrew Stewart. I would not be the financial professional I am today without him (he did not make me write that).

I have spent the past 5 years on the portfolio management end of our office but recently decided to make the move to the advisory side of our firm. While I’m sad to leave that team and the work they do, I’m excited to shift gears slightly and (hopefully) have less nerdy conversations on a day to day basis. When I’m not at the office playing my music loudly for all to hear, I can be found outdoors wearing large headphones so that my music doesn’t disturb the animals and trees. I recently moved back to MI after a brief time in Minneapolis and purchased my first home, which seems to require an endless amount of work (at least, according to my parents).


  • Audit client accounts to verify accurate and appropriate data
  • Review potential strategies based on data gathered
  • Discuss client concerns around financial markets and portfolio construction
  • Ensure each client understands and is comfortable with financial planning work and recommendations


  • Michigan State University
    BS - Mathematics

Professional Certifications

  • Chartered Financial Analyst
    (CFA) charterholder
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