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Gwenn Buschell
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Gwenn Buschell

Investment Advisor


After 15 years as an investment advisor, I found my dream job at Exchange Capital Management. Being part of a team who takes their fiduciary responsibility seriously while providing unparalleled financial planning and investment advice is what I was looking for as the next step in my career. At Exchange Capital, we put the client’s best interests first. Period.

Born and raised in Ohio, I found my way to Michigan through The University of Michigan, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology, specializing in archaeology (I can tell you all about statistical analysis of projectile points).  I fell in love with the beautiful lakes and forests of the great state of Michigan.  I also fell in love with my husband, Sam, whose family hails from the Keweenaw. We have two wonderful sons who luckily like to hang with the old folks.  In our spare time, we try to get outside as much as possible to sail the Great Lakes, backpack in our peaceful forests and do some iceboating and skiing during our wonderful (and long) Michigan winters. 


  • Audit client accounts to verify accurate and appropriate data
  • Review potential strategies based on data gathered
  • Discuss client concerns around financial markets and portfolio construction
  • Ensure each client understands and is comfortable with financial planning work and recommendations


  • University of Michigan
    BA - Liberal Arts and Sciences / Liberal Studies