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Amber Higgins

Amber Higgins

Communications Coordinator


After recently finishing up my degree at Michigan State University in Journalism and a minor in Public Relations, I have kicked off my career path with Exchange Capital Management. My passion has always been writing and I’m so grateful to have found a company and a job that lets me work on my passion every single day surrounded by a supportive group of people that want to see me thrive.

When I’m outside the office, I love spending time with my dog Oliver. He’s been with me since 14 and we love exploring and hiking around local parks. When he and I aren’t roaming around, you can find me hanging out with my friends, reading a book, watching TV, or on the phone with my family. My family lives in Florida and I love spending my free time face-timing with all of them and catching up on their day-to-day life whenever possible.


  • Produces content for blogs, webpages, emails, and other marketing materials
  • Interviews subject matter experts to produce educational and informative articles
  • Assists in the creation and implementation of marketing initiatives


  • Michigan State University
    BA - Journalism 
    Minor - Public Relations