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Jailbreak Your 401k

Expand your investment options well beyond the typical retirement plan using a tax-free rollover into an IRA.

Locked Up.

The typical employer sponsored defined contribution plan limits investment options to a handful of mutual funds pre-selected by a plan administrator. This closed architecture design prevents investors from owning exchange traded funds (ETFs), individual stocks, individual bonds, or any other mutual fund. Expand your investment options well beyond the typical plan using a tax-free rollover into an IRA.


There isn't much that's reliably predictable about investing, but when you identify something that truly is predictable, you should hang on with an iron grip. The benefit of cost reduction is one of those things. In-Service Distributions can seize this benefit through tax-free rollovers into your IRA. Keep in mind your plan administrator isn't nearly as motivated as you (the plan participant) to seek out low cost investment vehicles. After all, investment costs always get passed through to participants.

Lackluster Advice. 

Tailored advice for defined contribution plan participants is frequently hard to come by. More and more plans are making age-based target date funds the default investment option for plan participants. That's certainly better than parking contributions in cash, but reliance on generic "auto-pilot" investment strategies is blind to any other complexity in your financial life. Utilizing In-Service Distributions to rollover funds into your IRA puts you back in the cockpit. Build a coordinated strategy that guides all of your financial endeavors and take control of your future. 

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